Damian returns us to an age of barbarism and superstition in this latest issue of white slavery and submission! Barbary pirates, vicious and hungry Mongol riders, and Arab slavers and princelings fill this menagerie of the demented and the perverse! A journey that starts at sea moves overland as the great khanate sends its prized possessions south to the hot deserts of opulent, Arabian sheiks where the real terror can begin.

Things look bad for both men and women, but the women especially are the ones who will suffer worst. After all, they have tight and virgin holes that can’t say no to a nice, thick rod. And they scream so pretty, too. These pampered beauties will be treated like objects and sold alongside carpets and camels, and like carpets and camels, the buyers will want to check out the goods too. It’s all fun and games until the end and this issue’s shocking conclusion!


Category: 3D BDSM, Damian