The war continues for Rome, for there are always lands to be conquered, people to be subjugated, blood to be spilled, and women to take screaming and bleeding! If the world hoped for Rome to be satiated with Carthage, Persia, and Britannia, they thought wrong: the lust for these unbroken, defiant women only grew as the meat went through the grinder. The demand was never higher for lions� meat, for gladiator rewards, for Senator�s �cock warmers�, or for bodies to throw to the unruly and angry mob.

Rome soon came to see enemies everywhere, both from without and within: the Germanic tribes and �allies� of Rome were not spared, nor were the heretical Christian sects that continued to grow and fester in Rome�s underbelly. Rome did not know kindness. But it did know cruelty, and it would apply all it knew to every girl and female it could get its decadent hands on, before the end�

Soon, every reveler and warrior, from the highest of emperors to the lowliest of gutter beggars would feed upon this ever growing tide of human sadism and depravity. Soon, all corners of the empire would rot, and the womenfolk would suffer the worst! Full story>>>>>>>


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