The Salem Witch trials were a blot on the past of America.  Seemingly swept up in a whirlwind frenzy of religious fervor and righteous panic, ordinary and reasonable people were suddenly turned into a xenophobic horde hell bent on cleansing their town from the dark powers of Satan and his evil, female minions.  Unlucky women were put on show trial and forced to endure impossible torments in order to prove their innocence from witch craft.  And when those women inevitably failed the townsfolk�s impossible tests, they were quickly punished in all manner of sick and vile ways.

Some worked in the earnest but misguided desire to fulfill God�s wish to keep the town pure.  Others simply saw the witch trials as a means of getting revenge upon girls who had wronged and humiliated them.  Who knows what kind of dark heart lurks in the corners of powerful men?

The Salem Witch trials were a blot on the past of America.  The curtain is pulled back from this horrifying tragedy to reveal the full depths of depravity and cruelty that womanfolk have ever known.  Enter only if you dare, because you can�t forget what you�ve seen, and you won�t forget what you see in these appalling pages…




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